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Agriculture unmanned aerial vehicle 72L

We can also customize lift capacity of our drone up to 72kg, the heaviest duty you can get, daily work efficiency could be reach to 220 ha/day. Comparing with traditional way, your labor cost and time will be reduced significantly by using our UAV. In addition, you can make a decision in a day rather than weeks with more accurate and real-time data collecting by our SP-72.

Agriculture unmanned aerial vehicle 72L

Product Specification

Project Parameter
Model Name SP-72
Product Material Aviation carbon fiber + aviation aluminum
Airframe Dimensions 3920mm*3920mm*850mm
Folded Dimensions 2020mm*1060mm*950mm
Frame Weight 50kg (Excluding Battery)
Maximum Takeoff Weight 200kg
Spray Tank Volume 72L
Maximum Flight Altitude 4000m
Max Wind Resistance 8m/s
Hovering Time 25min (No load)
Flying Time 25-30min (No load)
Flying Time 10-13min (fully loaded)
Structure Life Time 10 years or more
Max Flying Speed 10m/s
Max Operating Speed 8m/s
Pump Model Dual Brushless DC Pump
Spray Rate 8~16L/min
Nozzle Type High-pressure atomizing nozzle
Spray Efficiency 28 ha/hours
Spray Width 8~20m
Droplet Size 200~500μm
Battery 14S Lithium-polymer battery
Battery Capacity 42000mAh*2
Voltage 60.9V(Fully charged)
Battery Lifespan 1000Cycle
Charger Four channel high voltage smart charger
Charging Time 20~30min (Charge from 30% to 95%)
Flying Control High precise GPS and controller


Agriculture unmanned aerial vehicle 72L

Product function features

Agriculture unmanned aerial vehicle 72L
    • FPV HD Camera
    • Self-planning routes
    • Pluggable lithium battery
    • Intelligent battery Charger
    • High pressure nozzle
    • Industrial version GPS
    • Intelligent remote controller
    • Automatic return
    • Low voltage return
    • Terrain follow radar
    • Night navigation function
    • Strong anti-interference
    • Self-planning operation
    • Obstacle avoidance radar
    • Aircraft automatic fixed point
    • Breakpoints continue to spray
    • AB point memory operation
    • Brushless water pump motors, super long life
    • Ground station, video transmission, anti-fall performance
    • Alternative spray function, the nozzle can be switched separately