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Smart And Stability Agriculture Drone

Smart and stability agriculture drone

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Openness, equality and sharing are our values

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Be honest with others, be resolute in doing things, simple and reliable.

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Innovation, cooperation and integrity are our important indicators

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Dedication is the unchanging principle, adhere to the customer first


Who are we
Smart and stability agriculture drone

Fungpilot is a locally owned and operated drone business located in QingDao city, China. Fungpilot focuses on promoting new innovation to reduce costs for our clients and bring impacts for our community.  The company has expertise in all aspects of drone systems including creative application solution for the UAV industry, UAV plant protection services, UAV automation control system development, UAV technical maintenance support and UAV operation training. In addition, we can provide customized OEM service if needed.

Founded in 2010, Fungpilot was the first and leading drone provider of plant protection drones and heavy duty drones in China.

Our vision is that a long-term business is a good business. To this end, we promote strong and effective after-sales service; build scientific quality management; enhance complete production system to help other industries and organization become more dynamic and efficient; provide users with various technical services, product accessories supply and other services, 24-hour after-sales service hotline for any technical consultations.

The people of Fungpilot have made a commitment to deliver the high quality of drone system design. Informed by current technologies, client priorities and budget schedule, they strive for perfection in service and product.

In the face of the global COVID-19 pandemic, there have been attempts to utilize drone technology in different scenarios. These includes:

  • Lab sample pick-up and delivery and transportation of medical supplies in order to reduce the transportation times, build extended transportation network and minimize the exposure to infection.
  • Aerial spraying of public areas in order to disinfect potentially contaminated places, and daily spaying range can cover up to 115ha.
  • Public space monitoring and guidance during lockdown and quarantine.




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